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At a congregational meeting held on Sunday June 12, 2011 the members of RPC agreed unanimously to extend a call to the Rev. J Wesley Denyer who was, at that time, minister at St. Andrew’s Church Brampton. Subsequent approval was obtained from the two Presbyteries involved and Wes’ first Sunday in the pulpit at RPC was on September 11 with the formal Service of Induction taking place on September 18. Wes remained with us until his retirement 10 years later and preached his last sermon as our minister on Sunday, October 31, 2021. A few days later he sent this message:

Dear Members and Friends of Rosedale Presbyterian Church,

Thank you for the wonderful send off you gave me on Sunday, October 31st after our Service of Worship ... and thank you for the ten wonderful years of mission and ministry that we were able to share together. 

I absolutely loved the musical offerings, the fine words of tribute from Peter Schaal, John Greer, Chris Dawes and the Leigh Family, the beautiful card created by Michele Nidenoff and signed by so many of you, and the card and "crown" from the children of the Sunday School.

Thank you for the abundantly generous "purse" you presented to me. It will be well used for our enjoyment during this upcoming year of travel, providing us with many excellent restaurant meals and other treats that may not otherwise fit into our budget!

Lastly, I will always treasure the beautiful Memory Book you gave to me. The pictures are wonderful, but even more meaningful and touching are the many kind words you offered in response to my ministry among you. I have read each one of them, and been deeply moved by your thoughtful reflections on our ten years together. Thank you to Ijeoma for collating and producing the book.

I feel so blessed to have completed my ministry career with such fine people and in such a loving and faithful congregation.

You will always be close to my heart, and constantly in my thoughts and prayers, as you continue the mission and ministry of God with your new minister.

In love and appreciation, 


We were one of the first Presbyterian Churches in Canada to have a repeat: Rev. J.B. Paulin served for six years, then returned a decade later for another 15 years! And then, we did it again with James Smart!

The following have been our ministers at Rosedale Presbyterian Church (photos of past ministers are in the hallway leading to the Upper Hall):

  • 1909-17 Daniel Strachan
  • 1918-24 J. B. Paulin
  • 1926-29 Wilffid Lewis
  • 1929-33 Rudolph Uren
  • 1934-49 J. B. Paulin
  • 1950-57 James Smart
  • 1957-70 Eoin MacKay
  • 1970-74 James Smart
  • 1970-78 William Klempa
  • 1979-85 Donald Corbett
  • 1986-90 Ruth Syme
  • 1992 -2002 Stanley D. Walters
  • 2002-2011 Bill MacLellan
  • 2011-2021 J. Wesley Denyer