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Prophet Jeremiah by Marc Chagall

This Sunday (October 20) the Rev Lt Seaton Brachmeyer will be preaching a sermon entitled “Vocatio ad Servitium" (Call to Service). The Order of Service has been posted here.

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This Sunday's Music

PRELUDE: Introduction & Intermezzo (Petite Suite) - G. Bales

ANTHEM: Morning Hymn - P.J. Murray

ANTHEM: Jubilate Deo (‘O be Joyful’) - G. Bales


POSTLUDE: Finale (Petite Suite) - G. Bales

Music Notes
By Chris Dawes, Music Director

— How Shall We? —

The composition of music begins – yes, with a touch of inspiration and yes, often with some germinal idea (be it a melody, chord progression, text or other foundational premise) – but on the road to a finished piece of music before long a composer is faced with a host of choices, the ‘best answers’ to which are sometimes difficult, and rarely obvious.

The late Gerald Bales (1919-2002), whose music features prominently in today’s service, was a kind-of international rock star among Canadian church musicians. Canada’s church musical history has many facets, but one noticeable one is the predominance, particularly in English Canada, of leading figures born in other countries. Bales was not just a home-grown leading musical figure who rose to international prominence in his field: his harmonically and energetically unique and creative compositions have taken their place among others emanating from our many great adopted ex-pats (Healey Willan, Derek Holman and Barrie Cabena to name but three). Foremost among these is Bales’ Petite Suite, which at RPC today accompanies his worthy but largely ignored Jubilate Deo, a choral setting of Psalm 100.

Fast-forward to 2017 – Canada’s now-50-year-old Summer Institute of Church Music, which in the late 2000s began honouring distinguished Canadian church musicians with the title “Fellow of the Summer Institute of Church Music” (F.SICM) selects Toronto’s Patricia Wright as 2017 honoree and a young Canadian composer, Patrick John Murray, to create a new piece in her honour. The two of them manage to come up with a third ‘Pat’, Toronto poet Patricia Orr, to create a new text. Unable to resist the coincidence SICM issued its press release of this tri-Pat collaboration on St Patrick’s Day, 17 March 2017. The result, now published by Vancouver’s Cypress Music, is Murray’s Morning Hymn (you can read the text and listen by searching the above information).

A particular detail of verse two of Orr’s text has always struck me. She seems to ask two (actually four) “How shall we…” questions: How shall we touch the rafters, raise the roof, disturb the sky, How shall we mark the rhythm of our days, Morning Hymn – Patricia Orr (excerpt).

Just to be safe, Orr provides no question marks to confirm ‘questionhood’ – but even if they are more poetic declarations i.e. “(Look), how we shall…!”, they strike me as fitting into the composer’s – or indeed any artist’s – voice when engaged in creating, or even when deciding how to create. Whenever Bales, Murray, Orr, or anyone creates, the “How shall we…” ‘s are unavoidably there, shaping and/or celebrating the gift.

Our Associate Minister, Rev Lt Seaton Brachmeyer, is far from the first to turn to scripture in asking one of the greatest ‘How shall’ questions, “How shall I then live?” Artists may not find all the answers to their creative ‘How shall’ questions in scripture, but the questions they ask, and the answers they reach have a kind of gravitas – a kind of holiness – to the creative process and the final product. Perhaps it is more the act of asking that confirms the outcome than the existence of clear and obvious answers?


After-school Homework Club at the Church of St Peter and St Simonthe-Apostle is looking for volunteers from RPC. Commitment of one day a week from 3:15 to 6 pm would be greatly appreciated. For more information, speak to Marjorie Ross, Annemiek Miller or Marg Tuer.

The Globe and Faith considering current events in the light of our Christian faith will meet on Wednesday, October 23rd at 10:30 am. Please feel welcome to participate in this group when you’re available, even if you’re unable to attend regularly. For more information, please contact Wes Denyer who will be facilitating this conversation each week. Jessica Bell, our local MPP, will be the special guest of our group on Wednesday, October 30th.

The Bridge and Scrabble Group will meet on Thursday, October 24th. This is a casual, friendly group which welcomes newcomers. Tea and coffee will be served at 12:30 pm. Play begins at 1:00 pm. Please feel welcome to participate in this group when you’re available, even if you’re unable to attend regularly. For more information contact the church office or Pat Keith

Clothing Donations for Evangel Hall As you change your wardrobe and review your fall and winter clothing, please consider donating used items to Evangel Hall. Only new socks and underwear will be accepted. Gently used sweaters, sweatshirts, T shirts, track pants and jeans, as well as raincoats and ponchos, winter coats, running shoes and waterproof shoes, sleeping bags and large sturdy backpacks are all welcome. Donations can be left in the hallway outside the cloakroom from October 5 - 26.

Evangel Hall Lunch on November 9th RPC will be preparing and serving a Saturday morning lunch at Evangel Hall on November 9. We are asking for 15 volunteers to prepare a beef casserole at home and deliver it to the church by Thursday November 7. Another 12 people to prepare 15- 20 brownies or squares. Finally, 5 volunteers to be at Evangel Hall on Nov 9th from 9-12:30 to assemble and heat the meal and help serve the buffet lunch. Sign-up sheets and recipe are available at coffee hour.

Interior Renovation and Restoration Project The Board of Managers has been working with an Interior Designer to plan upgrade work to the interior of our church building. On Sunday, November 10th following the Service of Worship, the Convenor of the Board, Feite Kraay, will be available in the Lounge to meet and discuss the plans and share drawings of the proposed changes.

You’re invited to the Gala Dinner and Auction 2019 to be held on the evening of Saturday, November 23rd. Please mark your calendars for this key event in RPC’s fall schedule. The Dinner and Silent Auction are hosted jointly by the Session and Board of Managers. We are looking for auction item donations in the following categories: • new (in original packaging): consumer electronics, computer equipment, tablet computers • camera and optical equipment • sports, concert and theatre tickets • gift cards, certificates and service vouchers • use of vacation properties, vacation packages • wine • home dinner parties • home concerts or home recitals. Please begin to plan for providing these items or soliciting them from individual or business connections you may have. Volunteers are welcome to help with the actual event. Contact the Church Office if you are able to help.

The Anglican Foundation is publishing Children’s Prayers with Hope Bear to coincide with its 60th anniversary. This book features 24 prayers for liturgical seasons, holidays, and special moment in a child’s life (starting school, moving home, loss of a loved one), with text by Judy Rois and  beautiful images by Canadian illustrator and watercolorist Michele Nidenoff. Perfect for children from preschool up to age 12. Available here. $15 each. Judy Rois is the wife of our minister, the Rev. Wes Denyer.  Michele Nidenoff ( is a member of our congregation.