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J.S. Bach

This Sunday (May 27) is the First Sunday after Pentecost the and the reverend Wes Denyer will be preaching a sermon entitled, "Things That Can’t Be Broken."

During the srvice we will celebrate the Sacrament of Holy Baptism for James Mercer, infant son of Ted Mercer and Victoria Smart. Welcome to family and friends who are here to share in this special event.

The Order of Service has been posted here.

This Sunday's Music

PRELUDE: Prelude in E-flat Major, BWV 552 - J.S. Bach

Recitative & Aria. From Cantata 172 – J.S. Bach

ANTHEM: Soprano & Alto. From Cantata 172 – J.S. Bach

CHORAL AMEN: The Rosedale Amen – Tom Randle

POSTLUDE: "St. Anne" Triple Fugue in E-flat, BWV 552 - J.S. Bach

Music Notes

The manifold joys of this day, to our church, to our congregation, to our extended musical family, are complicated by many observances, themes and other matters — but please, bear with me!

We are calling today’s observance at RPC the First Sunday after Pentecost: if you have a liturgical mind you might note that while we use ‘Sundays after Pentecost’ to count the long, long march from that Feast held on the 8th Sunday after Easter Day until the next named season of Advent (with, to be fair, a few special days thrown in here and there) we almost NEVER celebrate in name a ‘First Sunday after Pentecost’. Why? Although the story is much, much more complicated, suffice it to say that Christians worldwide have observed ‘Trinity Sunday’ on the Sunday after Pentecost for between one (or less) and nine centuries.

But today we’re not — except for in a single reference, for which you must await the postlude.

No, today a ‘perfect storm’ has brought us to decide to extend last Sunday’s Pentecost celebration, in a sense, to today. The two LEAST important reasons are that Pentecost Sunday 2018 fell upon the Victoria Day weekend, and also that it landed square upon my regular habit of leading worship at our home church in Georgetown on the 3rd Sunday of most months. But now with those superficial matters lain aside we may return to the joys I mentioned above – launching a new ministry at RPC, welcoming a wonderful little new Christian, James, into our local and the church’s international family through baptism, and concluding a wonderful year of the ministry I am privileged to share with the Rosedale Presbyterian Church Choir.

The biblical events of Pentecost mark the effective start of the worldwide Christian Church: it was a moment when Jesus, his followers, and God’s work through both would move beyond being what might have seemed at the time nothing more than a subversive cult-like strand of Judaism into something entirely new destined to cross the world and many of its languages and peoples. The biblical account invokes vivid and dramatic imagery — rushing winds, tongues of fire, Disciples-cum-Apostles and others speaking in many tongues — and poignantly for today, thousands being baptised into the new faith. We must not think, as we invoke the Holy Spirit’s presence upon James this morning, that anything simple routine or mundane is underway — and as we recall Pentecost in that connection we know that it was a faith story beginning. Christopher Dawes, Music Director


Music at Rosedale 2017-2018 concludes with a collaborative presentation of new music by members of the “TO.U” Contemporary Collective on Sunday May 27th at 4:00pm. Performers Stephanie Chua, piano; Ethan Filner, viola; Xin Wang, voice; Wallace Halliday, saxophone; and Rob MacDonald, guitar share an eclectic program of beautiful, powerful chamber music in the beautiful acoustics and aesthetics of the RPC sanctuary. An equally beautiful spring wine reception will follow on the lawn. Tickets are $25 general, $10 child/student, and will be available after services and through the office.

The Bridge and Scrabble Group will meet on Thursday, May 31st. This is a casual, friendly group which welcomes newcomers. Tea and coffee will be served at 12:30 pm. Play begins at 1:00 pm and ends at 3:15 pm. Please feel welcome to participate in this group when you’re available, even if you’re unable to attend regularly.

Ken Craigie Headstone Dedication will be held on Sunday, June 3rd, 3:00 pm at St. John’s Norway Cemetery. Ken was a long time member and elder at Rosedale Presbyterian Church.

The Anglican Foundation is publishing Children’s Prayers with Hope Bear to coincide with its 60th anniversary. This book features 24 prayers for liturgical seasons, holidays, and special moment in a child’s life (starting school, moving home, loss of a loved one), with text by Judy Rois and  beautiful images by Canadian illustrator and watercolorist Michele Nidenoff. Perfect for children from preschool up to age 12. Available here. $15 each. Judy Rois is the wife of our minister, the Rev. Wes Denyer.  Michele Nidenoff ( is a member of our congregation.