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Rosedale Presbyterian Church 129 Mount Pleasant Road
(at South Drive) Toronto


Congratulations! We are so pleased that you are considering Rosedale Presbyterian Church for your wedding. This should be a significant and wonderful event, and we here at the church hope that we can assist you in planning a memorable occasion.

The congregation sees the facilitating of wedding ceremonies as a pastoral privilege and responsibility. Careful planning and thought are essential in order to ensure that your wedding service is a meaningful and joyful event. The following procedures have been developed to help us plan your wedding at Rosedale Presbyterian Church.


The church should be booked as soon as the date and time of your wedding is determined. Please contact the church administrator at or (416) 921-1931 to confirm availability of the sanctuary. A preliminary meeting with the minister should be set up at this time. Regular church attendance is not required to book your wedding at Rosedale Presbyterian Church.


Our minister is pleased to officiate your wedding ceremony; however, if you wish another minister to lead the ceremony, please inform the administrator at the time of booking.


A rehearsal date and time should be established as soon as possible. The rehearsal is usually the day prior to the wedding, but often a rehearsal two days before can relieve a lot of stress, particularly if you have people coming in from out of town. All members of the wedding party should attend the rehearsal.


The music chosen for your wedding is an important reflection of the joy of the day. The Director of Music can be reached through the church office, and if you wish to book him/her for your ceremony, please contact him/her as soon as the date is booked. Rosedale’s organ may only be played by our Director of Music; however, the piano is available for use for a fee of $150 if played by an outside musician at the discretion of Director of Music. Soloists or other musicians may also be used.


Photographs and video recording can be very intrusive during a wedding service. Certain photos are allowed, but generally not during the wedding ceremony. Video recording is less intrusive, and may be a better choice.


Your florist should contact the church office to confirm the time they plan to decorate to ensure that the church is open; the church is typically opened one hour before the ceremony by the caretaker. Please do not pin, nail, or glue flowers to pews or furniture. Candles must be in a candle holder that will contain any melted wax. The throwing of confetti or rice is prohibited anywhere on church property.


As of September 2014, the fees for holding a wedding at Rosedale Presbyterian Church are as follows:

  • Sanctuary rental : $500
  • Organist (if applicable) : $300
  • Minister (if applicable) : $400
  • Use of piano (if applicable) : $150
  • Caretaker : $100 minimum for four hours each for the rehearsal and wedding day; $25/hour after four hours
  • Great Hall rental (if applicable) : $50/hour

Individual cheques should be made out to those involved with the assistance of the church administrator. A deposit for the sanctuary rental ($500) is required after the date and time of the wedding have been booked. The balance of the wedding fees are required thirty days prior to the date of the wedding.

Please note : there is no air conditioning anywhere in the building and it can get quite hot in the summer months.