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Rosedale Presbyterian Church 129 Mount Pleasant Road
(at South Drive) Toronto

Leadership Teams

The Session

The Session gives guidance in the life and ministry of the congregation. Members of Session are called elders. Elders are elected and ordained for life, but serve on Session for a six year term. Session is responsible for the spiritual welfare of the congregation including worship, Christian education, pastoral care and stewardship. The Session is chaired by the minister who is known as the moderator.

The Board of Managers

The Board of Managers is responsible for managing the finances and property of the church. The Board initiates the budget setting process in consultation with the Session in the late fall of each year.

The Visual Arts Team

The Visual Arts Team promotes the following activities within the church

  • Art Education
  • Preservation and Protection of the church’s art
  • Promotion of the Visual Arts
  • Inventory of what we have and what we own
art show

The Mission Team

The Mission Team is responsible to engage the congregation in activities which serve the wider community and the world around us. This may involve volunteer work in support of new immigrants and their children, refugee sponsorship, spending time with people who are living in Boarding Homes and other precarious life circumstances and serving meals to the homeless and working poor. In addition, this Team encourages the congregation to give financial support to worthy causes and projects beyond the consideration of the needs of our own congregation. This team strives to make the words of Jesus a reality – “love one another, as I have loved you."

mission team

The Christian Education Team

The Christian Education Team is responsible for planning and implementing educational programmes for all ages within the congregation. This team manages our Sunday School and Messy Church programmes, as well as providing for the church nursery which is available for babies and toddlers each Sunday.

education team

The Pastoral Care Team

The Pastoral Care Team provides support and care for those in the congregation who are experiencing bereavement, illness or long term disability, as well as those who are experiencing a crisis in their lives. This Team is comprised of the minister and others in the congregation who have special gifts of empathy and caring.

Pastoral Care Team

The Music Team

The Music Team is responsible for developing the minister of music at the church. It gives support and advice with regard to music initiatives for Sunday morning worship, plans for musical concerts and recitals and encourages music literacy within the congregation and the Rosedale community.

Music Team

The Hospitality Team

The Hospitality Team arranges for activities and opportunities for members and visitors to the church to enjoy opportunities to share food and conversation. This may be in the context of our Coffee Hour which is held each Sunday after worship, or at special dinners and events which are held throughout the year.

hospitality team

The Outreach and Communication Team

The Outreach and Communication Team develops a programme aimed at raising awareness of the existence of Rosedale Presbyterian Church and the nature of the congregation’s faith community. This Team is responsible for developing and maintaining the church’s website so that it is able to communicate the nature and character of our congregation. As well, this team develops congregational brochures and literature for use within the church and for distribution to the wider community of Rosedale.

communication team