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Rosedale Presbyterian Church 129 Mount Pleasant Road
(at South Drive) Toronto

February 1 2015

Rosedale Presbyterian Church

We live in a world of constant change, bombarded by news from the television and the Internet. Many families no longer live close enough to one another to offer companionship and support. So little in life is stable and firm. With lifestyles like this, how can we feel grounded in something that will be trustworthy in good times and in bad Scripture and faith are designed to form and shape us to make it possible for us to trust in God. The Bible does this as it explores the nature of God and the ways in which God has been active in the history of the world and individual human lives. As scripture explores universal themes, we may find ourselves reassured of Gods benevolent purposes towards us. (Part 4 of 4 in the 2015 Exploring Sacred Scripture series of sermons.)

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