Rosedale Presbyterian Church (416) 921-1931

Rosedale Presbyterian Church 129 Mount Pleasant Road
(at South Drive) Toronto

October 11 2015

Rosedale Presbyterian Church

In the story of The Fall in the third chapter of Genesis, we find Adam and Eve living in the Garden of Eden. They experience truth and joy every day as they live in the very presence of God. They have everything they could possibly want to make their lives happy and complete. However, this is not enough. They want to not only experience truth, they want to possess it. They want to be like God! They had all they wanted, but that was not enough. In 21st century North America, most of us live with wealth, abundance and security far surpassing all the generations that have gone before us, but so many of us are still unhappy, anxious and sad. We have all we want, but its not enough. So lets take the time to think about what we might be missing.

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