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Canadian Foodgrains Bank

Ministry Coordinator: Mission Team

In each year's budget, we commit funds towards the Canadian Foodgrains Bank. Through this program, RPC partners with rural congregations to grow crops that will assist other countries with food shortages.

Many supporters of the Foodgrains Bank are not farmers, but have invented their own projects to raise money for the cause. In recent years, increasing numbers of urban churches have been connected with rural churches in this endeavour. People in rural areas supply the land and machinery while those in urban areas fundraise for crop inputs.

You can find more details on the work of the Foodgrains Bank at

If you would like to make donations to the bank, please mark "Canadian Foodgrains Bank" on the third line of your donation to RPC.

Please contact Sandy Johnston of the mission team for more details, or call the church office at 416.921.1931.